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Should Parents Track Their Children?

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Tracking your child’s location is rather convenient. We don’t live in a world where children run off to play in the local community waiting for dusk to arrive as they venture home for dinner. Our current times are full of technology and children spending time in front of computer screens.

Since most children are off enjoying their time indoors and in front of the screens, parents have no real way to track their children. Parents can’t poke their heads out the door and yell to their children and hear a response. Those days are long gone for many around the world.

That’s why many parents have started to opt to track their children. With so many location tracker apps available, this option is simpler than ever! Today we’re going to discuss whether or not parents should track their children.

This discussion will give you a better understanding of location tracking apps and how this can be a positive choice to make in our current times.

Why do parents track their children?

Most parents use a family tracking app to monitor where their children are. Having the app installed can give some peace of mind to parents of teens who are out driving on the roads, working a job, or have a busy social life.

The typical reason a parent opts to track their children is to ensure there’s a safety net when they’re not with their children. This safety net is essentially the ability to tell where your children are so that if something bad happens they can easily inform authorities of the child’s last known location.


Pros of Tracking Your Children

There are many pros and cons for parents who track their children. Below are some of the pros for opting to install a family tracking app.


Knowing where your child is will lend you some comfort You’ll build trust with your child as you start to see that they are where they say they’re going. This can also lend peace of mind to children who may be anxious about their parents being gone on vacation or late hours at work.

You see, you can share your location with your children too using a family location tracking app. This can help the whole family feel comfortable and safer in everyday life.


Your children who suffer from anxiety may feel more confident to head out into the world when they know their parents can see their whereabouts. This helps increase your child’s self-esteem and confidence because they’ll know that they always have someone reliable keeping a close eye on them.

Using a family location tracker app to boost your child’s confidence is for sure one of the more positive outcomes of using this tracking app. One of your jobs as a parent is to instill high confidence skills and an outgoing personality within your children so they’re fully prepared for adulthood.

Cons of Tracking Your Children

There are a few cons to consider before opting to install a family tracking app for your children. Below are a few cons that we feel you should consider before making a choice.

Location Available to Service Provider

You could be putting your child’s privacy in the hands of the service provider that you’re using for family location tracking. Be sure to read the terms of use and service for the app before installing it. This will help you understand how the service provider utilizes the information that they collect behind the scenes.

Distrust of Teenager

Sometimes tracking your teenager could lead your children to feel less trusted. This is quite common and often a cause for delay in parents choosing to install a family location tracker. You can resolve this concern with a family meeting, as noted below.


Before you install a location tracker app you need to discuss this with your children. Teenagers feel more confident when they have trusting parents. Your intent behind installing a tracking app will ultimately result in a positive or negative response from your children.

Discuss this option with your teenager, listen to their feelings on the subject, and make a decision that will improve your relationship with your children. This decision could lead to not tracking or tracking, it all depends on the results of your conversation with your children.

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