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5 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

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Keeping your family safe is one of the biggest discussions lately. The pandemic has encouraged more people to think about their future and the safety of their loved ones. Today we’re going to share some simple ways you can keep your family safe during and after the pandemic.

There are many things to think about when it comes to family safety. You may want to keep a teenager safe while they’re out with friends. You might have an older loved one staying with you and need a way to ensure they’re safe when you’re not at home with them. You might want peace of mind knowing where your family members are just so you can keep them safe.

Whatever your reasons are for looking into these clever ways to keep your family safe, we’re confident that these tips will help you be proactive in ensuring the safety of those you love most.

5 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

With suggestions like family location tracking, meeting places, and a plan, if someone were to get in harm’s way, are just a few of our suggestions we’ll focus on below.

Have a Security System

One of the best ways to keep your family safe is to have a home security system. This will help protect your belongings and family when you’re away from home or asleep. Do your research on the various home security systems and find one that offers important features and is within your budget.

Family Location Tracking

With a family location tracking app like iSharing you can easily keep in touch with your family when you’re at work or on vacation. This simple app allows families to message each other, share their location and ensure that everyone is where they’re supposed to be. This comes in handy for parents of teenagers who may be out with friends but you want that peace of mind knowing where they are.

Plan Meeting Places

You need to have a discussion with your family about meeting places. This would be a place where you would meet should something bad happen. There are many situations that could arise when you must meet at a local place such as a café because it’s not safe to return home. This meeting place must be somewhere every family knows about to ensure you can keep your family safe during unexpected mishaps.

Emergency Plan

Similar to a meeting place for unexpected mishaps, it’s vital you have an emergency plan. This emergency plan will show the exits each family member has access to should there be a house fire or someone breaks into the home. You’ll need to have clear instructions about each emergency exit option and a location where everyone will meet so you can confirm every family member got out of the home safely.

Window and Door Alarms

Lastly, if you don’t want to spend the cash on a home security system you can have window and door alarms. Another option is to use a location tracking app that will alert you whenever a child or other household member leaves the home during odd hours of the night. This will help everyone know when the rest of the family may be in harm’s way so you can react quickly to help someone.


These are just some of the clever ways families have started to keep their loved ones safe. Each family is different in what they can afford to do, but we highly suggest you get our iSharing app installed for the peace of mind that family location tracking provides. Use these tips to plan a family meeting today so that your family will be as safe as possible now and in the future.

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