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The Importance of Location Tracking Right Now

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With our current times of having a pandemic and older kids that work, the importance of location tracking is higher than ever before. Many people in the world are on edge after being cooped up in their homes without any social engagement that they tend to be easily angered. This can leave parents concerned at home while their older kids head off to work at their local grocery store or other essential workplaces.

More and more people are finding it difficult to cope with the stay-at-home orders and are suffering from mental health issues. Those older kids that hold jobs at the local grocery stores or other essential workplaces may be just doing their jobs, but the state of the world requires parents to worry more than ever before.

That’s why we recommend using a location tracker. This location tracker is easily installed on your smartphone and your kids’ smartphones. You can message each other, know the location of your kids at all times, and easily see that your kids are safe at work or on their way home. This helps ease anxiety among parents who are facing real anxiety about their kids being out in the world working at local shops.

We love that our new family sharing plan allows family members to share their premium subscription across an iPhone device. You can learn more about our family sharing plan to see if this is the best location tracking option to ease your fears during our current state of the world.

iSharing makes it easier for parents, kids, and other family members to stay connected no matter what’s going on in the world. All you need is an Android phone or an iPhone since our app is available in both app stores. Once installed you can select the free or premium subscription based on your family’s specific needs and quickly feel at ease with allowing your kids to return to their work schedule.


Kids must have a good work ethic because one day they’ll be adults and making all of the decisions on their own. Having an app that allows you to track their location and easily communicate with kids while they’re away from home is just one step in letting go while remaining within an arm’s reach, so to speak.

Location tracking allows family members to feel more confident in letting their older kids live a little more independently. You can think of iSharnig as a location tracking app that provides parents the luxury of letting ‘go’ while keeping a close virtual eye on their kids. We feel this amazing app provides a stronger connection between family members and helps ease the tension between parents and older kids who want to get out there in the world to experience life.

One of your jobs as a parent is to slowly let go and allow your kids to make some mistakes on their own. No parent truly wants to let go in this way and watch their kids navigate our current state of the world without some parental supervision, and that’s why we highly recommend using a location tracking app to ease the transition from kids at home to kids at work.

Rest assured, having a location tracking app will help you and your kids feel safer and more independent as you make it to the other side of our current climate.

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