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Should Parents Track Teen’s Location

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With so much advancement in technology, it’s no wonder more parents are debating what type of apps they can and should use to keep tabs on their teenagers. This is a difficult subject for many parents because you want to let your teen go out with some freedom, but they’ll need guidance from their parents still.

Your teen may not like that you’re “spying” on them with a family location app, but there are some things that need to be addressed before you just install a tracking location app on your teen’s phone. Below are some of the best tips to help you navigate the murky waters of deciding for or against tracking teens’ location.

What Should Parents Track Teen’s Location

There are two areas in which parents can track their teen’s activities. You can track what they’re doing online as well as what they’re doing in real life. The online activity and location tracking of your teen are two different completely different things to consider.

Have a chat with your partner to learn what areas you’re most comfortable with tracking. It’s important to know that tracking your teens in real-life activities won’t be the same as watching what they do online. For example, your access to nearly everything your teen does online is different than tracking the location of your teen.

With a family location tracker app, you won’t know what your teen is doing. You’ll only know where your teen is during any given moment that they’re away from home. This sometimes feels less intrusive than online tracking.

Be Involved With Your Teen

Having a location tracking app on your teen’s phone will be easier to do when you’ve developed a close relationship with your teenager. If your teen knows that you have their best interest at heart and aren’t meaning to hover over their choices when they’re at work or with friends, then they’ll be more agreeable to having a location tracker installed.

The key to making sure your teen is safe is to always be involved in their life. Schedule a time to ask questions and listen to them about what they’re doing in life. They’ll feel more valued and respected as an individual when you take the time to hear how they’re feeling in life and in turn, you’ll be able to track their activities without much flack.

It’s a Slippery Slope

Tracking your teen is a slippery slope. This is the stage in parenthood where you need to let go a bit to allow your teen to figure out who they are and where they feel most comfortable in the world. This will come with heartache, raw emotions, and difficult situations, but knowing that you’ve done your best to keep them safe will help.

Tracking your teen’s location will help them feel safe when they’re experiencing anxiety about a new job or new activity that they’re taking part in. They’ll know in the back of their mind that a parent knows where they are so should something bad happen, they will have someone who can contact authorities or check in on them.


In conclusion, tracking your teen’s location may be a hard conversation to have but the world we live in now is much different than the world most parents grew up in. It’s imperative that you find a healthy balance between hovering and being proactively safe. Be sure to make the best choice for your family based on how your teen feels about the topic and what your partner thinks is best during this new stage in parenthood.

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