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Family Sharing is here!

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This one’s for all the users who asked us if we offered a family plan.

So technically, we don’t have a “family plan” yet. However, if you and your family have Apple devices, you can share your Premium Subscription as a family, if you have Apple devices with the new “Family Sharing” feature offered through iTunes.

This means that one person can subscribe to Premium Service on iSharing and the rest of your family can join in on the subscription. Your whole family can now access unlimited Place Alerts, Street View, and Location History with no ads! 

To share your premium subscription, you have to first set up a Family group and share your family accounts. To learn more how to do so, please take a look at these instructions from Apple.

Once you have completed this step, all you need to do is activate premium on your family’s iSharing accounts on each devices.

1. First check that your iSharing subscription is being shared with the family. From the family account owner’s device, check that iSharing is being shared with the family:

Settings>Apple ID>Subscriptions>iSharing>Check that Share with Family is on

2. On the other family member’s device, open the iSharing app and restore premium by the following:

Menu>Settings>Restore Purchases

For more information on iSharing and Premium Service, visit our site at 

-iSharing Team

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