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Share Location Advice for Couples

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Many couples are discussing more about the option to share their location. This option is simple to do with a location tracking app that’s secure so that only their significant other has access to their location, but should couples share their location with each other?

Relationship experts are often split on this topic. Some feel that sharing your location with your partner is just an added layer of security while others feel it’s an invasion of privacy. Couples who have been together longer than just a handful of years, probably feel that it’s an added layer of security within their relationship to have a location tracking app.

Couples who are new to the relationship or have only been together less than a few years might see this sharing location option as an invasion of privacy. You’re not an established couple in the same secure ways that long-term married couples are.

As with most relationship decisions, sharing your location is something that each couple will have to discuss and determine what feels best for them. We can tell you that our current times do call for an added layer of security. When you opt to turn on location tracking for your partner, you’re giving a safe personal access to your location so that you’re less apt to go missing or have something horrible happen without someone knowing where you’re located.


Since this topic of location tracking for couples is personal, we’re going to share some share location advice for couples to help you discuss this topic and come to a decision together.

Know Estimated Arrival Time

Sharing location with your partner helps you know the ETA for your partner. This comes in handy when you’re trying to cook dinner for the whole family and need to know when your spouse will arrive. It’s also quite useful when you’re planning a date night and want to surprise your partner by being ready when they arrive home.

How Secure is the Relationship

One of the key factors for deciding to share location with your partner is how secure is the relationship? You’ll need to have a pretty secure relationship to enable location tracking with your spouse using a location tracking app. Make sure you’re both committed and secure within your relationship so that location sharing doesn’t create more arguments or jealous tendencies.

Improve Quality of Relationship

Using a location tracking app that offers messaging options and a secure place to chat with your spouse during the day can be helpful with improving the quality of your relationship. Knowing that you hear that phone buzz and a message is there with the location from your partner can make your day better. This helps strengthen your bond as a couple even while you’re far away or working long hours.

Do you live together?

Another key element to think about when it comes to sharing your location as a couple is whether you’re living together or not. If your relationship hasn’t arrived at that serious step where you’re residing under the same roof, then you might find location sharing causes more drama than security in the relationship. Location sharing is best suited for couples that are living together and have a secure long-term relationship established.


Lastly, when it comes to sharing your location advice for couples you’ll simply need to determine how confident you are with your partner knowing your every step during the day. If you want to go shopping and surprise them with something, chances are the surprise won’t be that spectacular if they can see the shops you’re going to all day.

Always take into consideration whether both partners are agreeable to the idea of sharing location before making this decision. Both of you must be on the same page and in agreement with getting a location tracking app in order for this to be beneficial to your relationship.

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