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How Working Parents can Monitor their Remote Learning Kids

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With school starting this month and next for most areas, it’s time to discuss how working parents can monitor their remote learning kids. Some school districts have opted to start their 2020/2021 school year with a hybrid model or remote learning model. Each of these models offers your children a chance to learn from home.

Working parents who have to head out to their job every day may be a little concerned about whether their children will attend their remote learning classes and complete their work while the parents are at work. This can be quite bothersome for many parents, but let’s face it, parents have to go to work to support the family.

This is why we wanted to share some tips to help working parents feel a little better about leaving their children home to attend remote learning during busy workdays. There are many ways working parents can monitor their remote learning kids to ensure classes are attended and work is complete, even though working parents aren’t at home during the daytime hours.

How Working Parents can Monitor their Remote Learning Kids

Set the Rules and Expectations

Most children work best when provided with a set of clear rules and expectations. Have a family meeting to discuss what you expect from your children during remote learning sessions while you’re at work. Consider setting electronic time limits so that they can only access the remote learning website and meeting sites during specified classroom time. This will help ensure your children know what’s expected and what the consequences shall be if they don’t follow the rules.

Schedule Regular Bedtimes

Children may feel as if summer break is still in session, after all, they had a long unpredictable school year for the remainder of the previous year. When it comes to getting your children ready for their new remote learning classes, you’ll want to treat this much like a traditional in-person school with scheduled bedtimes and wake up times. Work with your children to implement a bedtime routine and wake up routine that’s similar to what you’d enforce during a traditional school setting.

Make a Visual Schedule

Many children have a visual school schedule when they attend in-person classes. You can mimic this concept by creating a visual schedule that’s placed in a family room or close to your children’s workspace at home. This visual schedule will include a lunch break, school hours, and chore time so that your children can be responsible and independent while you’re at work. Having a visual schedule will help the older children assist with younger children who may be remote learning while you’re at work too.

Get a GPS Tracker

Lastly, one of the best ways working parents can monitor their remote learning kids is to have a GPS tracker installed on the kids’ smartphone. You must know where your children are while you’re away at work. You may have set rules that no one is to leave the house while you’re working, or perhaps set specific times that your children may take a walk or go to a friend’s house. You’ll want to use our family tracking app to keep a close eye on your kids’ location while you’re working.


These are all simple steps you can plan to be proactive with remote learning kids this year. While this is a new concept of having working parents outside of the home making money while they’re children attend classes at home, it’s something that can be quite successful if you simply become proactive in the planning stage of this new way to educate your kids.  

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