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When You Should and Shouldn’t Share Location Tracking

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Having a smartphone and a location tracking app can be a fantastic tool to save you during an emergency. Let’s face it; location tracking gives emergency personnel and your family instant access to where you’re at in case anything goes wrong.

This sounds safe and secure. With this thinking, you’d presume that everyone should be sharing location tracking. The problem is that there are other people online that can gain precious access to your location if you’re constantly sharing it on your smartphone.

With all this being said, there are some tips we wanted to share with you today to help you understand when you should and shouldn’t share location tracking with social media or publicly for all to see.


Real-Time Location Tracking

While it may sound great using real-time location tracking, it’s not highly recommended. There are new features with tech giants like Google and Facebook that allow you to turn on an option for real-time location tracking. This will drop a pin and follow your every move on a map, thus allowing potentially anyone to access this data.

You shouldn’t share real-time location tracking within these apps and services unless you’re an adult making a decision that you feel is safe. A lot of the real-time tracking options on your smartphone with Google and Facebook can unlock options to share your real-time location with friends and family indefinitely, which could bring up the issue if you break up with a partner and they can still track you among other dangers.

Facebook Messenger Location

Apparently, Facebook’s location option is built right into its Messenger App. With this app, you can do one click and share your location with anyone. While this is great, what if you accidentally click on the share location to a stranger or client? Perhaps some unknown person who you’ve messaged with only to find out they’re some stranger online that had ill intent?

There are many scary situations that can arise when sharing real-time location tracking with the world isn’t something you should do. Using a private app like our iSharing location tracking app is much safer.

Snapchat Maps

This popular app among teenagers and the early adult generation seems to have a little glitch in their location sharing maps option. When you put your real-time location on fully in the app, just about any friend you’re connected with can see your location. This may be fine if you know every single person in your connection list on Snapchat, but if you work in social media and have strangers on your Snapchat, well then you shouldn’t share your location tracking on this app.

Snapchat does allow you to only share real-time location with specific friends and family, so there’s that. However, their location tracking has been known to glitch out and not be a reliable way to track your family members. As with most anything, there’s a time and place to share your location and that’s why we built our app. We wanted a safe space for families to keep track of each other, without sharing their private location with the world.

Being able to keep a close eye on family and friends is one of the amazing advances of technology. This helps ease our worries and stress when your child gets their driver’s license or their first job. This helps ease your worries when your older relative lives far away or alone and needs someone to keep an eye on them. The benefits of location tracking far outweigh the dangers when you’re using an app that keeps it as secure as possible and only shares reliable real-time location with specified people.

This is why having a location tracking app is better for times when an emergency may arise. You’ll only be letting secure people from your inner circle know your whereabouts. This is true for parents who want to track their child, but rather the social media world does not know where their child is. Using our location tracking app, you’ll feel better knowing that this is shared between only who’s allowed to see it, not the entire world.

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