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The Best Family Travel Safety Tips

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Whether you’re looking to go on a long family vacation or simply enjoying some day trips with your family this year, we wanted to feature some of our best family travel safety tips. You’ll enjoy learning more about family locator services, tips to keep the kids safe, and how to keep track of your teenagers during a family vacation in our family travel safety tips guide.

The Best Family Travel Safety Tips

During our current climate with the pandemic, many families are opting out of traveling, but there are still some families who have the desire to go out on an adventure. Whether you’re looking to plan a staycation in your local community, venturing out on a road trip or staying in a new place for your summer family vacation, you’ll need to know some safety tips to ensure the whole family remains safe.

Have Working Smartphones

The first matter of importance is to make sure that every family member from a teenager up to an adult has a working smartphone. You’ll want to install a family locator app before you head out on vacation too. This will help you keep track of your family and older kids if you all venture out to different spots during your family vacation away from home.

Share Location with Photos

Not only should you have working smartphones, but you should be able to share your location with photos. This is especially helpful for parents of teenagers who want to let their teens go out exploring but want a photo view to confirm where they are. With our iSharing family locator app, you can now share photos with your family when connected through our app. Having a location with photo will be quite helpful should the unthinkable happen, a teen or family member gets lost during vacation.

Create an Itinerary

Having an itinerary of events and such for your family vacation will help your whole family know where everyone is or expected to be during your family travel event. Provide each family member with a list of plans such as where you’ll be, what the address is, emergency contact phone numbers, and other details that will ensure everyone knows where the other family members are during your family vacation.

Check Travel Advisories

This is an especially helpful tip for family travel safety. During our current climate in the world, you’ll need to know of any travel bans, exceptions, and regulations that may be put in place before you reach your destination. This is also helpful to know during your vacation so that you’re able to enjoy this family travel event without issues.

Consider Safety Supplies

Don’t forget to pack a First Aid kit, perhaps a toddler leash product to keep the little kids close by, and any other supplies that your family will need to stay safe in case of an emergency. It’s recommended that you always travel with a recent photo of your children in case one of your children goes missing during your family vacation as well. There are many safety supplies such as medications, First Aid Kit supplies, and appropriate clothing and footwear for the location to consider when going on a family vacation.


These are just some of our best family travel safety tips that will encourage everyone to have a blast during your family vacation. While the current state of our world is touch and go in some areas, it’s important that you find creative ways to get out and enjoy some quality time with your family to detach from the stress and chaos that your everyday life offers. 

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