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5 Summer Safety Tips for Parents

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With summer break here, we must share some summer safety tips for parents. While most of the world is still dealing with the pandemic and social distancing guidelines, many families are still searching for ways to stay safe and enjoy the summer break.

You’ll be able to use our tips to practice summer safety during our unique summer break season of 2020. Enjoy these tips to help lend your older kids some independence all the while encouraging summer safety practices for the whole family.

5 Summer Safety Tips for Parents

Learn to Swim

The most popular activity during summer break is going swimming. Whether you have a backyard pool, go to the beach, or have a favorite swimming hole to go to, you must encourage your kids to learn how to swim. Many parents opt to get CPR certified as a means to practice summer safety tips for kids. Knowing how to save your child should the unthinkable occur will help you continue to enjoy summer break safely with kids.

Enroll your kids in a summer break swimming lesson session or spend some time helping your kids learn how to swim in a not-so-crowded swimming area in your local town.

Practice Social Distancing

Many locations that offer swimming for the public will have social distancing requirements in place. You’ll need to research your favorite swimming destinations for families to find out if there’s a waiting list or a signup sheet to schedule your time to go swimming during our pandemic summer break of 2020. Knowing what’s expected and how long of a wait you’ll have will ensure there’s no sibling rivalry happening in the backseat as you wait your turn to practice social distancing summer break swimming at popular public swimming spots.

Discuss Safety Tips with Teenagers

If you have a teenager who can drive and go out to spend time with friends independently. Then you’ll want to have a family meeting to discuss summer safety tips with your teenagers. Educate them on the current pandemic requirements in your area as well as how to practice good social distancing

to ensure they don’t get sick. Remember to only let your teenagers go to a public swimming space if they know how to swim and perhaps discuss getting them CPR certified for the best summer safety experience this summer break season.

Install GPS Locator

When you’re the parent of older kids who venture out to enjoy summer break with kids, you must have a way to track kids. Since you’ll want to implement some important rules so that your kids don’t get in trouble with your area’s pandemic social distancing guidelines nor get into trouble with not-so-great friends, you’ll need to know their location at all times.

Installing a GPS locator app will ensure you’re able to let go of the reigns so your teenagers can enjoy summer break all the while doing your parental duties of keeping track of your kids’ location.

Drink Plenty of Water

Lastly, whether you’re venturing to a public swimming spot or heading to the backyard in the sun this summer break, you’ll want to make sure your entire family is drinking plenty of water. Keep fresh, ice-cold water on hand that’s easily accessed by all family members. The summer heat can quickly dehydrate your kids while they’re busy swimming this summer break. Many parents have opted to bring a cooler full of ice and sports bottles of water so that their family may pause for a water break in between summer swimming fun. Consider finding products that will encourage your family to drink plenty of water so that they may stay hydrated and healthy during summer break.


These are just the top 5 summer safety tips for parents to think about during the summer break season of 2020. There’s not only an importance to stay safe in the water, but it’s important to stay safe in the local area by following all of the regulations and guidelines that many areas still have set forth due to the pandemic.

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