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4 Things Working Moms Shouldn’t do on Labor Day

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Labor Day is a special day for working moms everywhere. Monday, September 6, 2021, is the official date for this year’s Labor Day holiday. This is a day where working moms can get a day off to spend with their family relaxing and soaking in all of the love. That’s why some working moms refer to Labor Day as a “Labor of Love Day”. If you’re a working mom who wants to know what you should stop doing on Labor Day, then you’ll enjoy this feature of things that working moms shouldn’t do on Labor Day.

So get those reading glasses out, take off those shoes and take a minute to read what we recommend you stop doing on Labor Day. Enjoy this holiday with your family and don’t’ worry about all those daily tasks you do in between being a working mom, Labor Day should be a day without labor for working moms everywhere.

4 Things Working Moms Shouldn’t do on Labor Day

Deep Clean The House

Stop it right there. Do not do any deep cleaning of the house on Labor Day. Even though you’re a working mom all week long and the house could use a little cleaning, Labor Day is not the day to do a deep clean. Feel free to do a little cleaning, but Labor Day is not the day to do some full-blown deep cleaning of the house.

Saying Yes to Anything

As a working mom, you’ve earned the right to use Labor Day as the official say no to everything day. Just say no to going to events. Say no to helping everyone. Say no to whatever you feel like saying no to on this special day off for the working mom. Delegate tasks to other people in the family, such as having older kids cook dinner so that you can say NO all day long to anything that sounds boring.

Doing Laundry

We all know that laundry piles up when you’re a working mom, but please refrain from doing that laundry on Labor Day. You shouldn’t be stuck inside washing, drying and folding laundry all day long on this annual day off. Rather, learn to be okay with the laundry sitting there for another day while you sit back, relax and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Meal Planning for the Week

Do not meal plan for the week on your one day off. As a working mom you know that you’re already doing so much to support the family, so try to take Labor Day as an annual holiday event for not doing anything responsible. It’s okay to wait to meal plan on another day. Let loose and order out or get delivery for dinner tonight.

What is Labor Day and Why Do We Celebrate It?

Now that we’ve shared a list of things that a working mom shouldn’t’ do on Labor Day, there’s one question left. What is Labor Day and why do we celebrate it? Labor Day is always celebrated on the first Monday in September. This holiday is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the American worker. Whether you’re a working mom, a working dad, or just an everyday worker, Labor Day is your day to sit back and celebrate the achievements you’ve had over the year at work. This is a day that helps laborers celebrate all that they’ve done to add value to our way of life.

As a working mom, you know all too well that you labor all year round. Between raising the kids and earning a living with your career, working moms are one of the busiest people out there. That’s why we highly recommend you do not do half of what you do regularly on this special holiday that celebrates the hard worker.

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