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The Best Way to Track Your Teen Driver

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Each year more and more teen drivers pass their driving test and end up with a license to drive. This makes many parents anxious but it’s simply part of the growing up process!

Today we’re going to share some tips to help parents learn more about the best way to track their teen drivers. We hope that our tips inspire you to find a safe and reasonable way to track your teen’s whereabouts as well as driving habits while they’re out there working, hanging with friends, and doing other teen things!


Do you know how fast your teen is driving?

Do you know where they are at all times?

Being able to see this kind of information about your teen driver is vital if you want to monitor their behavior on the road. Knowing whether or not they’re speeding, running red lights, and staying under the speed limit can give you peace of mind when you’re not there in the car with them.

How to Track Your Teen Driver

There are several ways to do this and most of these methods only require a cell phone in order to accomplish. These apps allow parents to keep an eye on where their teens are, where they’re headed and what kind of reckless driving habits they’ve gotten up to.

Download Our App With Driving Report

There are a number of different apps out there that can help you find out where your teen is at all times. Some of these apps only provide the location of the car while others will let you see how fast they’re going as well as if they’ve been in an accident.

We recently launched our Driving Report feature to help give more parents peace of mind while they have a new teen driver out there on the road.

You Should Set a Curfew

Setting a curfew for your teen driver is one way you can help monitor their whereabouts and know that they’re home safe and sound. It’s also a good idea to set up a meeting spot near where they’re going so that they can call you if they’re running late.

Discuss the Risks of Distracted Driving

Even when teens think they’re being responsible, texting and driving are one of the most common distractions they can get caught up in. And with studies showing that teens text more than they talk on their cell phones, it’s important to ensure your teen understands the dangers of texting and driving and how distracted driving can affect their future behind the wheel.

Disabling Phone May be an Option

Some parents will disable their teen’s phone while they’re driving and require that they call home if they need to communicate with anyone and once they arrive at their destination.

This also ensures that your teen isn’t distracted by text messages and is more aware of their surroundings – both on the road and in the car.

Host a Weekly or Monthly Family Meeting

Consider hosting a weekly or monthly meeting to discuss your teen driver’s schedule, rules, and consequences as well as listen to any issues your teen has encountered since your last family meeting.

This will keep communication lines open between your teen driver and you so that both of you feel more confident in confiding in each other should issues arise or changes need to be made.

While you do want to let your teen have some independence, it’s still important that you keep tabs on their driving habits and whereabouts. With these tips, we hope we’ve given you some insight into how you might track your teen driver and keep them safe behind the wheel.

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