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iSharing vs Zenly

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iSharing and Zenly are both influential location service applications that have become essential applications to our everyday lives. Whether that be through checking on the safety of our loved ones, keeping track of each other, or more. It’s reasonable to believe that the apps that we’re using are reliable and efficient at keeping us up to date.

With iSharing, our users safety is always our top priority. Many of our users, families and loved ones use iSharing to keep track of everyone’s location and check up on them at anytime. That means we depend on certain features in order to accomplish this: Location History, Place Alerts, and Panic Alerts. These two features are essential to our everyday safety and make a huge difference. Location History, Place Alerts, and Panic Alerts are features present in iSharing but absent in other location service apps like Zenly.

Without these features, it can really make or break the location-sharing experience. Location History, Place Alerts, and Panic Alerts work to enhance the purpose of a location-service application by providing our users with more options than what they would normally get from just any other location-service app. We never want to feel as if we cannot use an app to its full potential. That is why iSharing has worked to implement these two important features that help ensure the safety of our loved ones. 

Location history allows for your friends and family to view where you’ve been in the past: 


On the other hand, Place alerts allow us to register places in order to receive notifications when our friends or family arrive or leave certain places. For places not yet registered, users have the option to add them in:


Our Panic Alerts help users in dire situations. With the click of a button, a push notification will be sent to your iSharing friends notifying them of danger you’re in. 


Both Location History, Place Alerts, and Panic Alerts are very important, if not essential, to our everyday safety because they give us insight that we couldn’t otherwise get from our regular live tracking. iSharing works to better enhance the location-sharing experience by providing these features. With this in hand, many of our users can feel reassured and in safe hands when using our app.

When it comes to the overall user experience, iSharing surpasses Zenly due to the features they include. As stated above, the inclusion or lack of important features like Location HistoryPlace Alerts, and Panic Alerts can either make or break how we use and experience the app. Our primary means of using these apps is to check up on our loved ones. However without it, how much can we actually benefit from these apps?

In conclusion, iSharing exceeds what Zenly provides because of the inclusion of these Location HistoryPlace Alerts, and Panic Alerts. It goes to show how important having Location History and Place Alerts really are because since locations apps are designed to ensure the safety of our loved ones. In terms of which app is better for users, iSharing once again takes the cake. It’s designed to be very suitable for family and loved ones and works constantly to give users a peace of mind anytime.

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