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Strengthen Family Bonds throughout the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is the perfect time to strengthen your family bond. Many family members have holiday break or school break for the season so why not use this time to strengthen your connection?!

Today we’re going to help you find new ways to strengthen your family bond during the holiday season. This includes finding ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with family! We’ll share tips, tricks, and creative ideas to help you enjoy quality time with family during the holiday break.

Start a New Tradition

One of the best ways to strengthen your family bond is to start a new holiday tradition. Your new holiday traditions will depend on your culture and what area of the world you live in. Here are a few family holiday traditions to consider:

  • Read a holiday-themed book every day in December.
  • Host a New Year’s Eve slumber party.
  • Bake holiday cookies.
  • Volunteer at a local shelter.
  • Make reindeer food for Santa’s reindeer.
  • Get Elf on a Shelf.
  • Make DIY ornaments.

Watch Movies Together

Another fun way to strengthen your family bond during the holiday break is to watch some of your favorite movies together. Have each family member jot down a list of movie ideas. Combine the ideas into a month long binge event where you enjoy a family movie night a few times a week together. Don’t forget to make holiday treats and drinks to enjoy during the movies!


Shut Off Electronics

While you may want to leave the television intact, you can shut down the Wi-Fi for game-related and other online engagements for the whole family. Schedule one night per week when no one is allowed to get on their smartphones, game systems, or other outside distractions. Use this time to play board games, bake or cook together, and enjoy being fully present in each other’s’ lives.

Make a Thankful Box

Make a box where your family can jot down little thank you notes throughout the holiday season. Sit down and read all of the thankful notes from the box on Christmas. This will surely help everyone in the family see how valued they are and start forming a deeper bond between parents, children, and anyone else living in the household.

Schedule a Virtual Meeting

Lastly, you can schedule a weekly virtual meeting where you include long distant family members. This will help you strengthen the family bonds among your children and their grandparents. So many people are unable to be physically near each other this holiday season, so get creative with a virtual meeting to chit-chat, play games, and laugh together.


The key to strengthening your family bond during the holiday season is to keep family activities at the top of your priority list. When you opt to include family time as part of your daily needs, you’ll soon find that you have more time for family and enjoy life at home more often. Strengthening your family bond will provide your children with the skills and mindset necessary to survive their adult years as well-rounded individuals.

These are just a few of our creative ideas to strengthen family bonds during the holiday season. As with most of our ideas, you can take them to mold them into something that fits your beliefs, lifestyle, and family unit. We hope you’ll use these ideas to remain connected with your family during the chaotic holiday season.

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