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5 Tips for the Guilt-Ridden Working Mom

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The working mom seems to have more guilt-ridden thoughts than those moms who are able to stay at home with their children. Mom guilt is a real thing that many moms feel from time to time. While it’s a normal feeling to have some guilt while you’re at work making money, we have some tips to share that will help give the working mom peace of mind so that guilt doesn’t overwhelm them.

5 Tips for the Guilt-Ridden Working Mom

Consider Perspective

If someone else is making you feel guilty for being a working mom, then it’s important that you consider the perspective. Each of us only speaks from a place based on our own experiences. Sometimes engaging in a conversation with a stay-at-home mom will create this guilty feeling inside. Stay at home moms don’t necessarily mean to make you feel that guilt. It’s just that you already feel guilty at times for being a working mom, so you may take what they say personally.

It’s Okay to Miss Out

There may be things that you miss out on during your child’s life. These missed events or experiences with your child may overwhelm your mom guilt to the extreme. Remember that it’s okay to miss out on some of the events your child has in their life. The best way to get over this guilt is to have someone record the event and to make sure the time you do spend with your children is quality time where you’re completely present and engaging with them fully.

Put Yourself First

Remember that working moms need some space and time alone too. It’s important that you make yourself a priority as much as you do your children. When you’re not at work you may want to smother yourself with everything to do with motherhood without taking a moment to relax. This will only increase your mom guilt feeling as you become mentally and physically exhausted. There will be no energy left for you to think rationally or engage in a fun way. Be sure you take breaks for yourself.

Lower Expectations

The biggest culprit of the guilt-ridden working mom is expectations. These expectations that working moms put on themselves. A working mom can often place pressure on themselves to be at every event that their child has, all the while switching their work hours around or doing overtime to ensure they can take that time off from work. The biggest way to stop yourself from being a guilt-ridden is to lower your expectations and be more reasonable in all areas of your life.

Create a Routine

Now that you know you’re a guilt-ridden working mom and you’re ready to make adjustments to have peace of mind, it’s time to create a routine. Develop a schedule that will allow you to make quality time for your family, enough time to get your working hours in, and some alone time to reduce stress and anxiety. Learning what type of routine will work best for your lifestyle is the key to reducing the mom guilt all working moms happen to have from time to time.

The biggest cause for guilt-ridden working moms is overthinking and expectations. If you can find a way to work through these 5 tips for the guilt-ridden working mom and develop a pattern of expectations and routines that work for your lifestyle as a means to allow you to have more peace of mind, then you’ll soon find that you rest easier and are happier more often.

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