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How to Host a Zoom Holiday Gathering

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The holiday season is here and many areas are locking down again. With the recommendations that families not gather in large groups, but rather enjoy a virtual holiday gathering, we wanted to feature some tips. Today we’re showing you how to host a Zoom holiday gathering so that you can stay safe at home.

This information is for anyone out there who feels it’s safer to stay home this holiday season but doesn’t want to give up the fun interactions you have with family during the holidays. Please use our tips below to make the most of your Zoom holiday gathering this year.

How to Host a Zoom Holiday Gathering

Zoom is a virtual meeting space where you can host up to 100 people with a free account. You’ll use your internet and create a special Zoom meeting room to invite your guests to this room for the holiday party. Your family can upload a Zoom background to make this event more unique, or just use the regular background of where your family is seated around the world.

Designate a Host

You’ll need to have someone be in charge of creating and setting up the Zoom meeting space. This will help you be organized. The host will send out invitations to the Zoom meeting and give any other details that are necessary for the whole family to enjoy this virtual holiday gathering.

Set Time

Since a Zoom meeting will be similar to a holiday gathering in person, you’ll find that this could go on forever. It’s best to set a start and end time while keeping the meeting room open for any family members who might want to chat longer. This will allow all family members to not feel obligated to be on a screen for longer than they desire to be.

Decorate and Dress Up

Make this virtual holiday gathering the best one possible by dressing up and decorating your home. This is a fun way to feel as if you’re having a real holiday gathering! You can encourage your family to dress in their traditional holiday attire and decorate their tables as they would when you gather together. This will bring some joy to the holiday gathering.

Eat Together

The best way to make sure this virtual holiday gathering is the best possible, you’ll want to plan when you’ll be together. Ask your family if they’d prefer to do the main meal virtually or perhaps just the appetizer portion of the holidays virtually. Many have opted to have a screen set up so that the family’s in all homes can “eat together” even if virtually. The choice is ultimately up to your family!

Get a Family Photo

Don’t forget to grab a family photo of this virtual holiday gathering by taking a fun screenshot of everyone who is on the call. This can be done through the party gathering to give you a fun memory to look back on. To take a screenshot you can use the screenshot option on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Make sure to find that option and how to use it prior to the event.


These are just a few tips to help you get started with your Zoom holiday gathering. There are other services that allow you to host a virtual meeting, but Zoom tends to be the most stable and easy option to plan a large virtual family gathering. Hopefully, these tips have enticed you to make this year’s holiday season the best yet, even if you’re far apart from your loved ones.

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