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5 Tips for Surviving Christmas with Your Family

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It’s Christmas time and that means many family gatherings. Whether you’re hosting a Christmas dinner or heading to a family member’s home, this holiday season you may find yourself looking for ways to survive Christmas with your family. Today we’ll dive into some tips to help you overcome the stress of holiday travel, Christmas with family, and other situations that arise when you spend time with your family during Christmas time.

5 Tips for Surviving Christmas with Your Family

Prepare for the Questions

Let’s face it, some of these family members are people who you only see once a year. These types of family members may be full of questions for you. These questions are meant to be a genuine show of caring, but sometimes Christmas with extended family members gets a little stressful. These family members will ask personal questions and seem to be a little too difficult to talk to.

Our advice is to prepare yourself for the questions that will come from those family members you rarely see who have no idea what you’ve been up to. Set boundaries and make sure you only answer questions that you’re comfortable answering. You don’t have to answer every question your family asks you at Christmas.

Stay Cool

Prepare yourself with some meditation and relaxation techniques that you can do during times of high pressure or stress. There will be some family drama or uncomfortable situations with family during your Christmas gathering. This happens to the most loving of families. If you head to a family gathering this Christmas season prepared to handle the drama, and not let it sink you, then you’ll be one step ahead to surviving Christmas with your family.

Go for a Walk

Nothing says you have to stay cooped up inside your family’s home during Christmas with family. Excuse yourself when things are getting too overwhelming. Go for a walk or sit on the front porch to soak up the fresh air. Just be sure that no difficult family members follow you outside or you may not be able to use a walk as an excuse to get some fresh air.

Bring Your Own Snacks

If you’re on any dietary restrictions then you’ll want to bring some of your own snacks to curb hunger pains or temptation to eat foods you otherwise can’t eat. Make sure you think about all of the food that will be at this Christmas with family gatherings so that you can plan to not overeat or eat something that you’ve sworn off eating.

Going to a Christmas event with family while dieting can be rather difficult as your family will wonder why you’re not eating your favorite items. Explain to your family that you’re on a specific diet, or that you simply are trying to be more careful of what you eat. They should respect this; you don’t have to over-explain yourself.

When it comes to Christmas and family you’ll find that many difficult situations arise. The thing is, even amidst these difficult situations, you’ll find that this is an excellent time to reconnect with your loved ones. During your Christmas with the family event, you can bond with your child, learn more about what’s going on in the life of your extended family members, and so much more. This should be a time to enjoy fun, laughter, and connections with your entire family. Use our tips to survive Christmas with your family this year so that you can walk away from every Christmas with family event feeling happy.

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