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How to Make Social Distancing Fun For Kids

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How to Make Social Distancing Fun For Kids

With summer around the corner and many places opening up amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to find new ways to make social distancing fun for kids. This summer will be slightly different than other summers before, but kids still want to enjoy their childhood. That’s why I believe every parent will enjoy the tips we’re sharing today to make summer vacation social distancing fun for kids.

Pause Work at Home

Many parents have switched to working at home as remote employees for their employer. If you’re working from home, make sure to pause work at home for breaks with your kids. Many parents will continue work at home through their kids’ summer break so it’s important that you learn to balance and schedule breaks as well as weekends off to spend quality time with your kids.

Sign up For Online Class

There are many online dance classes and other kid-friendly classes that can keep your kids active and engage in fun activities during social distancing. Try to review what options are available in your area to sign the kids up with some online classes. Ask your kids what interests they have so that you’re signing up your kids for something they enjoy such as music lessons or dance lessons.

Go Outside

Make time to pause your work and everything household-related to getting outside with your kids. During social distancing, you may not be able to visit the most popular tourist destinations but you can enjoy your backyard or less-busy hiking trails. Make plans to get outside on a staycation with your family at least once a week during social distancing to make it a fun summer break with kids.  

Get The Bicycles Out

Whether it’s bicycles, rollerblades, or skateboards if you’re normally an active family during the summer season then try to get this equipment out and be creative with ways to enjoy these activities while maintaining proper social distancing. Consider taking a bicycle ride around your community or pack up the bikes and rollerblades to hit a trail that’s not so busy due to social distancing and have fun getting on those bikes after a long winter season stuck inside.


Make Forts

Gather up all of the blankets and chairs and other supplies you need to make the biggest blanket fort ever! Kids of all ages will enjoy making forts inside. Consider using these blanket forts as a way to enjoy an indoor camping session with the family. Many campgrounds are still closed, so you can settle for a living room blanket fort family camping ‘trip’ together without risking your family’s health.

Host a Movie Night

Don’t forget that your kids are doing remote learning and you’re working from home so your schedules are more flexible than ever before. Consider hosting a movie night in the middle of the week to make social distancing fun for kids. Create a fun list of movies each of you wants to watch and sit back to enjoy a full day and night of nothing but fabulous movies the whole family loves.

Contacted Loved Ones

You can get your loved ones involved with a weekly virtual video conference where you chat and laugh and perhaps enjoy a movie together virtually. There’s a new option from Netflix that lets you share a video with family and friends who live elsewhere. This option even includes a chat function to chat during the film as you enjoy virtual quality time with extended family and friends.

These are just some of our creative ways to make social distancing fun for kids this summer season while keeping your family safe. Whether you have to work or your kids still have remote school work to do, we’re confident these ideas will work well for a summer staycation on a weekend when every family member can pause to enjoy the quality time together.

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