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Keeping Stress in Check During Spring Break

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It’s almost that time of year when school lets out for a week or two of vacation time. With the arrival of spring break comes the increased anxiety of working parents. Your kids will either be home alone while you work or have to go to the daycare center.

If you’re one of the working parents who have to keep your kids home alone during spring break, then you’ll love our tips to keep stress in check during spring break. Today we’re featuring our simple tips to keep your stress low all the while allowing your kids to have a fun spring break while being home alone during work hours.

Keeping Stress in Check During Spring Break

Make a Plan

The key to reducing stress for working parents during spring break is to make a plan. Have a meeting with your kids to set all of the rules for being home alone. Include consequences that will happen if the kids don’t follow these rules. Create lists of chores for your kids to do while they’re home alone during spring break.

Having a plan with set rules, consequences and chores will help keep your kids busy and on task while you’re working. When kids have expectations set and things to do they will be less apt to get into any trouble during their home alone time this spring break.

Use a Location Tracker

The next step is to make sure you have a location tracker for your kids. You may allow the older kids to visit friends or have friends over during spring break. This means you’ll need to know that your older kids have arrived at their friends’ houses safely. Install a location tracker on each kid’s smartphone.

During your work hours, you can easily check the location of your kids to reduce working parents’ stress. Having your kids’ home alone during spring break is an excellent way to save money on childcare expenses, but the savings aren’t worth it if you’re stressing out at work.

Prepare Meals

Make sure you have meals prepared for the kids who will be home alone during spring break. Working parents may already be good at meal planning since you live a pretty busy lifestyle. If you’re not used to preparing a full week meal plan, then read up on how to do this efficiently. Many online sites can show you the way to this time-saving technique.

You can easily reduce your working parent’s stress by having meals ready for your kids. This will reduce the risks of having kids use the stove or other kitchen gadgets that you may otherwise not want your kids to use when home alone during spring break.


In conclusion, when it comes to being a working parent who may stress during spring break, it’s all about figuring out if your kids are mature enough to be home alone and how you’ll enforce certain rules. We love telling working parents that having a location tracker for kids is the ultimate stress reliever. Knowing where your kids are at all times is easier when you’re using a GPS tracker that allows you to quickly see where your kids are when they’re home alone during spring break.

The key to being a calmer working parent is to use the tools and resources you have at your fingertips to provide a fun-filled spring break for your kids without missing precious work hours. We hope that these tips will help lead you forward in keeping stress in check during spring break.

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