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At Home Activities for Kids During Coronavirus Outbreak

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With the coronavirus outbreak impacting many families around the world, it’s no wonder more parents are searching for at home activities that kids can do. Many schools have shut their doors leaving parents to educate their kids while other schools are offering online learning.

Regardless of whether you’re impacted with a change in education setup for your kids or not, the truth is that you won’t be able to leave your home in most areas. Many places have started to enforce a rule about no large crowds or gatherings, restaurants are closing their doors, and so many other places that you may take your kids to have some fun are no longer an option right now.

This is why we wanted to create a list of at home activities for kids during coronavirus outbreak. These ideas are something that you can use to keep your kids entertained while being cooped up in the house. These activities are especially helpful for families who have social butterfly kids and now can’t allow friends to come over or kids to go to their friends’ homes during the coronavirus quarantine.

At Home Activities for Kids During Coronavirus Outbreak

Get The Craft Supplies Out

If you’re a parent then you probably have some craft supplies in the home. Consider getting out the paper, glue, markers, frilly crafting supplies, and anything else the kids can use to create some art with. Use this time to let your kids have a blast making new art and crafts together.

Read Some Books

Whether you have paper books at home or not, you can easily use audiobooks and other methods like books read aloud on YouTube to have your kids enjoy some reading time. This is an excellent activity idea for kids to do at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Run Around the Yard

If you have a backyard or front yard, make sure the kids get outside in your yard for some fresh air and physical activity. This is a good idea for families who live in rural areas or have their own yard that isn’t shared with other people.

Scavenger Hunt & Obstacle Course

Get out that paper and write down some items that the kids can find around the home. Give each kid a checklist and have the first person who finds everything win a “reward” of some sort. You can also create an obstacle course using furniture and other items around the home for physical activity.

Write Letters or Stories

Have your kids sit down and write letters to people that matter to them. This could be a time when your kids write thank you notes to someone who helped them this year. Instead of this, because we’re not sure if you’ll be able to mail these letters, you could have your kids write stories or a daily journal of their life as they’re forced to stay home due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Clean The House

While chores aren’t normally something kids enjoy doing, it’s a nice way to keep busy while you’re stuck home for hours upon end. You can make chore time fun by blasting music and dancing around together doing chore time as a family.

These are just some of the ideas we had for at home activities for kids during coronavirus outbreak. The key to keeping kids busy and less anxious during these times is to use your imagination and enjoy quality time together. Hopefully, our list of at home activities for kids during coronavirus outbreak will help you find something to do to keep kids entertained during the weeks or months you’re required to stay home.

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