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How to Help Kids Transition to Back to School

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After the pandemic caused many schools all over the world to shut down and turn to remote learning, many kids were stuck home without any friends or normal patterns of school life. With the fall season approaching there are many discussions about how kids will be able to safely return to schools with COVID-19 lingering as something that may increase again in the fall season.

Many recommendations have been put forward to help kids transition back to school safely. There are some schools citing that masks will be required, recess won’t occur and lunches may happen in the classroom instead of in a cafeteria setting. While no one knows for sure what the new normal will look like at your kids’ schools, we can offer some advice to help you get your kids ready to transition back to school after having been doing remote education for so long.

How to Help Kids Transition to Back to School

Learn Your School’s Requirements

The first part of helping your kids’ transition to back to school after a pandemic is to learn what your school will be requiring and what changes will happen. This will help you prepare your kids properly for their specific school district. So many schools are adopting different rules and regulations which is why it’s vitally important you hear what your school requires directly from the school’s officials.

Have a Chat

Sit down with your kids and discuss their thoughts and answer any questions they may have surrounding the back to school season. Your kids may have more questions or ideas than you do, and their creativity will help you start working to get them transitioned for back to school season with ease. Be sure to answer their questions honestly but in an age-appropriate manner.

Choose Some Masks

Since many schools seem to be preparing for the requirement of face masks to be worn by all kids, now is the time to let them choose some masks. Find a website that sells stylish face masks and have them select a few options. This will help encourage your kids to wear their face masks while at school because they’ll have a fashionable option that could even match their daily outfits.

Discuss Social Distancing

Chat with your kids about the new social distancing requirements that their school may enforce. Even if the school doesn’t have any particular rule pertaining to social distancing, you may want to discuss social distancing to help keep your kids safe. Preparing your kids to try to stay at least 6 feet apart from their peers may be difficult, but if you practice over summer break they’ll be well-prepared for it.


Purchase Back to School Supplies

Don’t forget about the back to school supplies that you’ll need for your kids’ transition to back to school. They’ll need their regular back to school supplies such as notebooks, binders, crayons, markers, pencils, and pens but this year you’ll purchase extra travel size containers of hand sanitizer as well as face masks so that your kids have these supplies in their backpack at school.

Since this is a new situation for all of us, it’s best to use these tips on how to help kids transition back to school as a guiding light to get your kids prepared for their new normal. The best way to help during the transition from remote learning to back to school season is to help alleviate your kids’ anxiety by having open discussions that provide solutions and answers for their worries. Now that you have some tips to guide you forward, it’s time to get your kids prepared for the new normal during back to school season 2020.

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