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Parenting Tips for Social Distancing Summer Birthday Parties

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With the summer season arriving quickly, there’s a large need for some parenting tips for social distancing during summer birthday parties. Many places are opening back up but social distancing is still being highly encouraged.

Today we’re going to share some tips to help you make your child’s birthday party the best one yet, even amidst the social distancing requirements.

Parenting Tips for Social Distancing Summer Birthday Parties

Consider Live Social Media Event

If you’re practicing social distancing but want to include extended family members and friends, then you could host a live social media summer birthday party event for your kid. All you need to do is set a date and time, then invite your friends via a virtual party invitation. Just make sure you ask your kid’s permission before planning to put their entire birthday party event on the internet.

Plan Birthday Parade

Many people all over the world have been hosting a birthday parade for kids and adults who have a birthday during these times of social distancing. Consider planning a surprise birthday party parade for your kid’s summer birthday party. Just make sure that you can host a parade, as some communities have restricted this option for their residents. Talk to your local friends and family members over the phone or social media to get everyone involved in a drive-by parade to surprise your kid.

Buy Decorations and Supplies

You’ll want to plan your social distancing summer birthday party in advance as many stores have been running low on supplies. Determine the theme for your kid’s social distancing summer birthday party and find local vendors or online shops that can ship the decorations and supplies in time for this festive event. Consider going the extra mile when planning your décor and supplies since this is a time where many kids need an extra boost of happiness and support.

Bake All The Goodies

Gather up your favorite recipes for summer birthday parties and enjoy baking goodies with your kids for their social distancing birthday party. While your kids may not be able to have their friends over for this celebration, they can enjoy some quality time with you in the kitchen. Consider shipping some supplies to their best friend’s house so that you can host a Zoom party baking experience as a surprise for your kid’s social distancing summer birthday party event.

Make it a Late Night Event

If you’re kids normally go to bed early, then consider letting them stay up later for their social distancing summer birthday party. This will help your kids feel super special and while it may be hard for parents to handle their active kids all night long, it will be a memory that your kids will cherish forever. 

Make a list of events that you’ll have for your kid during their summer birthday party event and make sure you have something planned to keep them active, busy, and having fun during their birthday party. Have the parents get involved in playing birthday games, and watching movies together so that you’re able to enjoy quality family time together during your social distancing summer kid’s birthday party event.


These are just some of the best parenting tips we have to offer as you work to make life as normal as possible for your kids during this pandemic. Social distancing may be hard, but technology allows us to connect with our loved ones easier than ever before. Make sure you use the technology in your home to make this summer birthday party the absolute best one yet so that your kids can feel connected to their extended family and friends even though they’re physically apart.

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