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How Driving Report Helps Ease Parents Anxiety with Teen Driver

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Our new driving report feature helps ease parents’ anxiety with their new teen driver. Having a new driver that’s out there in the world driving around to and from work or school is not easy for parents. That first teen driver in the family will have the most anxious parents in the world!


That’s why we wanted to share some of the benefits of our new driving report feature to help ease the anxiety that parents experience during those first few months of having a new teen driver. Our driving report feature will help you recognize the patterns your teen is starting to have with driving and notice where they’re frequently going to ensure that they’re following safety and parental rules.

Could Save Money

Some insurance companies will use the data you receive from the driving report as a focus to lower your insurance rates. With that being said, the report could increase your rates if it’s not that great. This can help you and your teen save some cash.

Discuss options with your car insurance company to find out how your tracking app data may help lower the cost of your insurance premium each month or year.

Knowing Helps Calm Nerves

Our driving report will help you feel calmer because you’ll see more data from your teen’s driving experiences when you’re not in the passenger seat. The driving report will notice any hard braking, speed discrepancies, and phone usage or rapid acceleration to name a few things.

This can help parents everywhere feel calmer as they experience panic attack like systems when their teen takes the family vehicle out the first few times.

Helps Teen Follow Rules

When a teenager knows that their parent is monitoring what they’re doing behind the wheel, there’s a higher chance that the teen will follow more safety rules. This means your teen won’t grab the phone while they’re driving, and be less likely to speed because they know their parents will get the driving report.

This is a fabulous way to encourage your teen driver to make good decisions while behind the wheel and ease parental anxiety at the same time.

Mindful Teenager

Lastly, having a driving report will help you raise a more mindful teen driver. Your teen will eventually be one of those adults out there on the highway making decisions in a quick moment whenever situations arise. Using family tracking apps and our driving report feature you can help encourage your teen to be a more mindful driver.

Human beings, even teenagers, tend to make better decisions when they know that someone else is watching over them, so use our feature to keep your teen on the safe side of driving.

How can I monitor my teen driving?

Many parents these days want to take advantage of the technology we have in the world to learn new ways to monitor their teen driving. Today we’re discussing a new feature in the iSharing family tracking app that allows parents to get a driving report.

The iSharing app with the teen driving report is one of the best ways you can monitor your teen driving. You’ll get a report about location, acceleration patterns, high speed alerts, hard braking, and other notifications based on how you set up the driving report feature in our app.

That concludes our information of how driving report helps ease parents anxiety with a teen driver. We hope that this information will keep your family safe and making positive choices as you navigate this new chapter of having a teen driver in the family.

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