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Family Travel Tips for Spring

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As we enter a warmer time of the year for most of the world, many people are thinking about traveling. If you’re planning a family trip this spring, then continue reading for some tips to maintain proper safety and health precautions while traveling this time of year.

With the pandemic still roaring in many areas, we wanted to ensure you have the best safety tips to keep your family healthy while you enjoy a little mini family vacation this spring.

Bring Supplies

This year’s spring family vacation may look different than years prior. Make sure you pack ample supplies of masks, hand sanitizer, Band-Aids, and other first-aid gear so that your family is protected. Most airlines are requiring a mask for any travelers, but make sure you have your supplies so that you’re doing the best to keep your family safe.

Install Family Location Tracker

Don’t forget about the importance of maintaining communication with family during your spring vacation. This is helpful for families traveling with adults who may separate during the trip or teenagers that are allowed to linger away from their parents. Get a family location tracker installed on everyone’s phones to stay safe during your spring break family vacation.

Create an Itinerary

Having an itinerary ready before you leave your hometown for this spring vacation will help in two ways. First, the family will know what’s expected of them each day and where each family member is during the vacation. Second, you can live a copy of the itinerary with family and friends at home so that there’s always at least one other adult who knows where you’ll be on which day and time.

Avoid Crowds

It’s possible to travel safely during the spring of this year, but you’ll probably want to take extra precautions to avoid crowds. Even if you’re wearing a mask and doing everything possible to make yourself feel safe, there’s always a risk involved with crowded events. Try to create a spring vacation itinerary that minimizes your family’s exposure to crowds.

Research Requirements

Many areas are starting to require vaccines or another testing before letting tourists get on a plane or enter a new region. This means you’ll have to do some extra research to understand what will be required for you to travel during spring break. Look up requirements for the destination, the hotel, and the airline if you’re planning on flying.

Check Health Insurance

If you plan on traveling to a new region of the world, it’s best to call your insurance company before you make plans. Your health insurance and other companies, like your bank, may need to notify them that you’re traveling to a new area. This ensures you’ll have coverage for health issues that arise and access to your bank for use during spring vacation.

Ask Your Family

Lastly, be sure to ask your family about their feelings regarding this planning of spring vacation. The whole point in planning a family trip is to enjoy it and relax. If some family members are too worried about travel, then it might be best to postpone any long-distance travel plans until your whole family is ready to partake in this adventure.


These are just some of the current family travel tips for spring that will encourage you to have a fun-filled vacation while limiting your risk of getting sick or harmed. We hope that you’ll take these ideas and use them to enjoy a little time away from home while strengthening your family bond.

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