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Family Bonding Activities for the Busy Family

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With many kids returning to school and parents heading back to their job outside of the home, the busy family life is starting to get back into a new normal. Many families are trying to make up for lost work and school time which leads to the need to find family bonding activities that you can sneak in during your busy schedule.

Today we’ll show you how you can make time for family bonding without much effort or stress. The key is to make family time a priority in your home. With current events, it’s more important than ever to make time for family bonding. This is a time where families can discuss their feelings surrounding the current events so that parents can be aware of their kids’ lives.

Family Bonding Activities for the Busy Family

Below you’ll find a list of the best family bonding activities that any busy family can sneak in during a chaotic work and school week.

Family Game Night

Whether it’s video games or old school board games, hosting a family game night once weekly or monthly is an easy way to sneak in family bonding time during a busy week. The key to make this a successful plan is to designate one day per month or week as family game night. Every person in the family must add this date and time into their schedule.

You’ll spend time playing competitive video games or board games as you enjoy conversations, laughter, drinks, and snacks with your whole family for at least one hour for a family game night.

Backyard Camping “Trip”

With current events you may have missed out on your annual family vacation, so why not make up for this with a monthly backyard camping “trip”. This means you’ll invest in some family tents, a little fire pit, and food that you can cook over a campfire. Pretend you’re at a campground with your family and spend 1-2 nights under the stars together.

You’ll plan one weekend a month, during the warmer months, to set up a campsite area in your backyard to enjoy a staycation with your family to strengthen your family connections.

Volunteer Together

You don’t have to stay at home or do some sort of fun activity together to get family bonding time. You can opt to volunteer together for a charity or cause that’s close to your heart. Consider finding a program that needs volunteers and that your whole family would be interested in. Take time to go volunteer together and enjoy the conversations with your family in the evening after you’ve volunteered together all day.

Volunteering is a fabulous way to strengthen your family bond all the while instilling a give-back mentality within your kids.


Let’s face it, being busy is part of our lives as adults. This busy lifestyle mentality is something that has been pushed upon human beings for a long time. It’s not easy to find a way to enjoy family time when the kids are taking classes, attending events, and playing sports all the while you’re trying to work full time plus overtime to make ends meet.

We understand how difficult it is to squeeze in quality time together, that’s why we wanted to show you these three simple ways you can sneak in some family time without uprooting your entire schedule.

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