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Using an App to Monitor Your Teen Driver

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Many parents are realizing the need to use an app to monitor their teen drivers. No longer do we live in a world where parents have to sit at home worried about how well their teen driver is doing or where they are.

Technology is so advanced that there is a teen driving feature available for parents to use family tracking and other monitoring options to make sure their teen driver is safe. Some of the teen driver apps monitor the speed, hard braking, and sudden or fast acceleration patterns.


While you won’t be able to physically see what your teen driver is doing, this app feature will help you understand more of their good and bad habits behind the wheel. When a parent can be more aware of their teen driver’s habits, they can adjust or create new rules with consequences for such actions to make sure their teen driver is making better decisions while behind the wheel.

How an app can help monitor your teen driver:

Delivers Reports

Having an app that monitors your teen driver and reports back to you via Android or iOS is a fabulous way to be more aware of how well your teen driver is doing. Perhaps your teen driver doesn’t mean to accelerate so quickly or hard brake, and so this app can help open the communication between you two.

Opens Communication

Parents can use the data to have a deeper discussion about how well the teen driver is doing or perhaps go driving together to help reduce some of the habits your teen is developing. The quicker your handle the issues your teen driver is having; such as fast acceleration or hard braking, the better off the vehicle will be.

Reduces Vehicle Maintenance Costs

Vehicle maintenance can get expensive and so these teen driver apps will help you reduce the risk of your teen making more wear and tear on the vehicle. Hard braking means that you’ll have to replace the brakes more frequently and it will cost more money to maintain the vehicle.

Promotes Responsibility

While you monitor your teen driver’s habits and they know it, this app will promote them to be more responsible with their actions while behind the wheel. Teen drivers that know their parents are watching their behavior behind the wheel are more apt to make better choices of how to drive and so forth while they’re in the driver’s seat.

Awards for Safe Driving

Some teen driving apps offer awards or rewards for safe driving or good driving decisions. Whether you use a teen driver monitoring app that provides this feature or not, you can create your own unique rewards program at home using the app monitoring feature. Just write down various rewards the teen will get based on making good choices behind the wheel and work together to promote safe driving every time your teen driver is out there on the road.

While you did have to monitor your teen driver when they have a permit and must drive with an adult, as soon as they get their state driver’s license they will no longer need an adult beside them. This is why it’s so important to have a teen driver option on the family tracking app you love so much.

iSharing will be helping parents everywhere open up the line of communication, monitor their teen driver, and feel more at ease when their teen driver takes the keys to go out on their own for the first time.

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