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How do I Start a New Academic Year? Advice for Parents and Kids on Back to School

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When it comes to the back to school season, there are many concerns from both parents and kids on how to start a new academic year. That summer vacation was wonderful, with minimal requirements and lots of downtime but alas, the back to school season is here. It’s time for parents and kids to get back into the regularly scheduled routine that involves daily school sessions, homework, and early bedtimes.

While it may be said for kids that don’t want to leave the summer holiday behind, it’s a great time for both parents and kids to get back into some sort of responsible routine. The new academic year brings the promise of new friendships, expanded learning opportunities, and a solid routine to get everyone back on track. If you’re wondering how to start a new academic year after a short summer holiday, then you’ll enjoy this advice for parents and kids on back to school season.

How do I Start a New Academic Year?

Set Some Goals

Both parents and kids probably have some goals for the new academic year. Perhaps you want to make sure your kids succeed in a new sport or course that they’ve opted to take in school this year. Maybe the kids have some goals to overachieve or reach new heights in this new academic year. Sit down with your kids and write down some goals that you have for this new school year.

Create a Study Center

Work to rearrange an area in your home so that your kids have a permanent place to study. This study center will give your kids an area to complete homework immediately after school without any distractions or interruptions. Parents be sure to work with your kids to create a study center that appeals to them so that you have fewer battles over homework sessions.

Connect Your Smartphones

For the older kids that have smartphones, be sure to connect your phones with a GPS tracking device. This will help parents feel easier while their kids are in school. Having a way to connect your smartphones to a GPS location tracking app will ensure everyone stays safe as you let the kids head on out to attend their new academic year.

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Develop a Back to School Routine

While most parents will agree that you can’t get the older kids to go to bed as early as you want, but you can enforce a “get to bed” time that’s reasonable for a new academic year. Develop a new back to school routine that works for your kids’ ages, family environment and time involved in preparing for school in the morning so that the kids and parents have plenty of sleep during the school year.

Don’t Be Afraid of New Friendships

A new academic year brings new friendships for both parents and kids everywhere. There are so many activities and sporting events that parents will attend with their kids, creating new environments for you and your kids to make new friends. Do not be afraid of forming new friendships this year, as it will help you and the kids get through the back to school season in a more positive way.

Be Realistic

Last, but not least, parents must be realistic with their expectations of a new academic year. Whether it’s bedtime routine or academic grades, parents everywhere tend to think their kids can achieve higher levels than they are capable of doing. This type of pressure creates added stress to your kids’ life. While all parents want their kids to excel and expand upon their current skills, it’s always best to be realistic with your back to school expectations until the kids have developed a routine that truly gets them back on track with their school schedule.

Many parents and kids alike struggle with trying to find ways to start a new academic year with success. This transition from summer holiday to back to school season isn’t easy for anyone. That’s why we shared these tips to help you and your kids get back on track with the new academic year. If you or your kids are struggling, then use our advice featured today to get everyone back on track and ready for a fresh, new school year.

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