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Fun Ways to Enjoy Winter Vacation with Your Kids

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Winter vacation will be here before you know it and parents are probably wondering what to do for winter vacation. This time of year can be difficult, as it’s colder outside and parents often have to get work done during the winter season. If you’re a parent who wants to know how you can enjoy winter vacation with your kids, then continue reading for some fabulous ideas to enjoy this holiday break together.

Fun Ways to Enjoy Winter Vacation with Your Kids

Make a Bird Feeder

There are so many fun craft ideas you can enjoy as parents and kids on winter vacation. One popular winter vacation craft idea is to make bird feeders. You see, the birds don’t get as much food during the winter season so they’ll be rather thankful that your kids provided them with a beautiful homemade bird feeder. Simply search online for an easy bird feeder craft for kids and make one with your kids during the winter holiday.

Go Outdoors

If you’re not an outdoorsy type of family then going outdoors during winter break may sound ridiculous for parents and kids but spending just 20 minutes outdoors can give you some activity and fun together. Consider having a snowball fight or create a family of snowman and then go inside to enjoy some hot cocoa with your kids during winter vacation to warm up.

Play Indoors

Consider creating your own indoor obstacle course or scavenger hunt that parents and kids can enjoy during winter vacation. Turn off the electronics, and sit down to come up with a full-day agenda of what you’ll do with your kids inside during winter break. There are many things you can play indoors without electronics such as hide n seek, scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, and even board games together.

Independent Time

If you’re not a working parent and can spend a lot of quality time with your kids during winter vacation, then you may want to schedule some independent time too. Have at least 1-2 hours scheduled each day for parents and kids to have their own independent reading time or relax time so that you don’t get too stressed out spending a full winter vacation with your kids.

Play with Food

Gather up your favorite recipes and have some fun playing with food. Let your kids find some fun recipe ideas that they want to learn to make. Get the ingredients and allow your kids to enjoy some parent and kids’ time in the kitchen playing with food during winter vacation. You can even have your kids plan an evening meal for the family complete with an appetizer, full-course meal, and dessert as a means to enjoy some fun with food during winter break.

Go Somewhere

If you’re staying close to home on winter vacation then you can go somewhere local for a field trip. Consider looking up museums, bowling alleys, and other community events that may be happening during winter vacation. These parent and kid-friendly events will allow you to enjoy winter vacation without venturing too far from home.

When it comes to enjoying winter vacation with kids, parents and kids alike need to have a wide variety of things to do. Let’s face it, wintertime can be rather dreary. This is why we wanted to feature some fun ideas that will work for any parent and kid that wants to have some fun this winter vacation. We hope you’ll use our tips shared to enjoy more quality time with your kids, even if you’re a working parent who can’t spend every moment of winter vacation with your kids.  

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