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How to Prevent the Flu Virus

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There’s much talk about the flu and virus, such as the coronavirus in the media. This is the time of year when many kids are coming home sick and parents want to know how to keep the flu from attacking their family. If you’re a parent looking for simple ways to prevent the flu or virus from consuming your home, then continue reading for some of our simple tips to help ward off the cold and flu virus.

Can eating healthy prevent the flu?

Eating healthy is an excellent way to boost your immune system. When you have a strong immune system you have a lower risk of contracting the flu virus. While this isn’t a one hundred percent method to prevent the flu, it is a highly beneficial start to helping your body become strong enough to ward off those viruses that fill the air during the cold and flu season.

How to Prevent the Flu Virus

Wash Your Hands

Think about how many things your kids touch when you’re out at the supermarket. There are so many germs being handed from person to person through touch. That’s why it’s important to wash your hands for at least 15 seconds with antibacterial soap as often as possible. While this may dry your hands out, you can use a moisturizer to keep your natural skin oils flowing even during the heavy handwashing sessions to prevent the flu virus.

Cover Your Nose and Mouth

Whenever you feel a cough or a sneeze coming, be sure to pull your arm up over your face. Covering your nose and mouth during a sneezing or coughing fit will help reduce the chances of you spreading more illness out there during the flu virus season. Keep some hand sanitizer in your travel bag so that you can easily sanitize yourself after being around sick people. It’s important that you do your part to minimize the risk of transferring the flu virus to others by covering your mouth and nose.

Avoid Close Contact

Think about your personal bubble and how often people get into that area! Try to keep your distance so that you can avoid close contact with people at the supermarket, on the plane or anywhere in the world that you may come into contact with. Remember that some people can carry the flu virus without showing any symptoms. That’s why you must keep a hula hoop size distance between you and other strangers in the world to prevent the flu virus.


What foods fight viruses?

As we said earlier, eating healthy foods can help boost your immune system which will, in turn, help you fight off the flu virus naturally. If you’re wondering what type of foods fight viruses then you’ll enjoy this list of foods that help fight the flu virus:

  • Ginger tea
  • Oranges or similar citrus fruits high in Vitamin C
  • Water
  • Greek yogurt
  • Blueberries
  • Wild salmon

Try to plan your weekly family meal ideas based on high consumption of foods rich in Vitamin C and options such as salmon for your main course meals. The foods that help fight viruses should be increased during the cold and flu season to help you prevent the flu virus.

In conclusion, there is no guaranteed solution to prevent the flu virus from spreading, but you can use our tips to help prevent the flu and other viruses from contaminating your entire home. Be careful during the months of the year that create a higher risk for flu contamination so that you can stay healthier to live a longer life with your kids.

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