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Proper Kids Age for Having a Smartphone

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Parents all over are often wondering, “what is the right age to give a child a smartphone?” This question comes up time and time again, right about when the kids turn age 8. That’s because many kids are growing up with peers who have smartphones. This technologically driven world has made parenting more difficult. No more are the parents who let the kids run around the culdesac and holler to them when dinner is ready, no that life is no longer the world we live in.

Today we live in a world where kids are getting smartphones younger and younger. This unlimited access to the internet could be unsafe, but it also gives parents a good way to know where their kids are at all times. The proper kids’ age for having a smartphone is certainly open for debate, and the rules are different for each household. While you may believe a kid as young as 8 shouldn’t have a smartphone, other parents have provided their kids with a smartphone at this age due to the many extra-curricular activities they participate in.

When it comes to giving a kid a smartphone, you can install iSharing as a means to have a location-tracking device for your kids of all ages. This is one step that every parent needs to take regardless of what they believe to be the proper kids’ age for having a smartphone. Now that we covered the basics, and got the whole “it’s a different world we live in” thoughts out, we’d like to give you some tips on how to know when your kids are ready for a smartphone.

Proper Kids Age for Having a Smartphone

How Mature Are They?

The first part of trying to figure out the proper age for kids to have a smartphone is their level of maturity. Some kids are extremely mature and ready to take on the responsibility of having a smartphone as young as 8 years old, while others need to wait until they’re into their teen years. You’ll know best how mature your kid is and whether or not you feel they can handle the responsibility of following the rules you set forth with a smartphone as well as having unlimited access to the internet while away from home.

What is the Smartphone For?

Are you going to install a location-tracking app to make sure you know where your kids are at all times? Apps like iSharing help provide kids and parents a way to track arrival and departure as well as send message updates to each other, in case of plans change. You’ll need to take into consideration what the smartphone will be used for. A kid who has many extracurricular activities may need a smartphone more than a kid who takes the bus to and from school, leaving them at home or school pretty much all of the time.

What Are the School Rules?

It’s important to take into consideration what the school has for rules regarding a kid having a smartphone. Your kid may not be allowed to bring the smartphone into class, or school at all. This will deter the whole reasons to have location tracking on a smartphone while your kids are away from home and may not provide you with the peace of mind you’re looking to get by providing your kids with a smartphone. Be sure you know the school rules and can share those rules with your kids so that they know how to follow school rules while having a smartphone at school.

Lastly, when it comes to picking the proper kid’s age for having a smartphone, the age isn’t really easy to say across the board. Some families have more mature kids at a younger age while other families feel a kid is simply not ready to even at the age of 13 years. One thing is for sure, all parents can agree that using an app like iSharing to track the location of your kids at all times is a necessary addition to any kid’s smartphone. This helps keep the parents more relaxed and the kids staying true to where they say they’ll be when away from home.

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