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iSharing vs Life360: A Comparison

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Location-based services are a great way to keep track of family, friends, and yourself. With the rise of safety concerns, many people are jumping ship to popular location services such as iSharing and Life360. When comparing the two on their accuracy, history, and performance, who is ultimately the best?

Today I’ll be analyzing and comparing the performances of two very popular location-based platforms: Life360 and iSharing. Note that comparisons will be based on the latest versions of Life360 (20.2.0) and iSharing ( or after). 

To debrief, both iSharing and Life360 are apps that provide location-based services. These services include sharing your location with your friends and family as well as receiving notifications for when you’re not using the app. Useful, right?

So why not put both apps to the test? I wanted to test two scenarios for this occasion: a short walk around the neighborhood and a drive around town. The first test I’ll be going over is my short walk. Please note that each test was taken with both apps in hand at the same time.

Here are the results:



As you can see, iSharing was able to track my walk despite my Wi-Fi not being on, I was really impressed myself. Although to my disappointment, Life360 wasn’t able to track me at all despite my data being on at all times during my walk. The app just placed me as if I was idle, which wouldn’t be helpful in a lot of situations. 

Moving on, I went ahead and tested both apps when I drove around town. This time, I had my Wi-Fi enabled for the best results. Here’s what I got: 



Overall, both apps did a splendid job. To give a rundown of my drive, I started out from my neighborhood, drove down the street, turned into and looped around another neighborhood, and then drove around a block before returning. 

During my neighborhood phase, I noticed that iSharing was able to accurately portray my trip around my small neighborhood while Life360 seemed to have cut off at times during that aspect of my trip (most notably when I took turns). More evidence of this can be seen when I took my trip around the block; displayed at the right of the screenshot. Life360′s tracker seems to jump over often when I make turns, and as a result disregards the path I’ve actually taken. Fortunately I was still able to make out the path I took, although I’d imagine that it would be more difficult to understand it if I took a more difficult route: e.g. one that consisted of many turns. 

That is why I mainly rely on iSharing as my main location service.

My walk and drive around the city was constantly reliable and accurately displayed location and the paths I’ve taken throughout the past. A consistent app like iSharing is an app that I’d keep around for a long time and I know it can only improve from there.

Overall, both apps do a splendid job in accurately depicting my location. However, when it comes to the app that is the most accurate, iSharing takes the cake for me. A platform’s frequent, periodical updates along with its location accuracy really does make or break what app I end up using and for me, it’s iSharing. It helps someone like me who uses the app primarily for directions and keeping track of myself and my family greatly. Please do give it a try when you have time!