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Best Free Life 360 Alternatives

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With the shocking news that Life360 is selling user data, you and your family may be looking for a good alternative app that can help locate and protect your entire family. Luckily, we’ve got your back. Here are the best free Life360 Alternatives.

1. iSharing

iSharing is a location-sharing app built for family members and close friends. iSharing offers an array of features that are meant to give parents and caretakers peace of mind, just like Life 360.

iSharing offers the following features that are similar to that of Life 360:

  • Real-time GPS Location Sharing
  • Driving Report that tracks dangerous events while driving.
  • SOS Panic Alert
  • Place Alerts
  • Instant Messaging

On top of the features above, iSharing also offers the following additional features:

  • 90-day location history (Life 360 offers 30 days)
  • Street View integration with Google and Apple Maps
  • Walkie-Talkie
Location Sharing App with place alerts

When tested on which app offers better location accuracy and this blogger found that iSharing performed better, especially when the user was walking. iSharing also departs from the family circle system of Life 360, so that it is easier for non-family units or extended families to share locations with each other.

Want to give iSharing a try? Learn more about the app or download today!

2. Google Maps

If the location tracking part of the Life 360 app is most important to you and your family, you might want to consider the biggest map app in the world. Google Maps has a built-in integration that allows your family to share locations with each other.

While Google Maps makes it very easy and accessible to track your family’s location and will always remain free, it is very limited in its features. It won’t have the safety features like iSharing or Life 360, and will interrupt location sharing every few hours.

3. EverDrive

EverDrive is a driving safety app created by the insurance company EverQuote. If Driving Report is the most important feature for your family in Life 360, EverDrive is a great free alternative that will help you and your family see how safe or how dangerously everyone is driving.

EverDrive tracks events like acceleration, braking, speeding, and phone usage, scores each user, and lets your family compete with each other gamifying driving safety for the whole family.

EverDrive and EverQuote

EverDrive, however, will not have any of the location sharing or location history elements offered on Life 360 or any of the above free Life 360 alternatives.

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