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iOS 17 Introduces New Check In Location Feature

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Apple recently announced iOS 17, the latest version of its mobile operating system for iPhones. One of the new features in iOS 17 is the ability to check in to locations right from the lock screen. Here’s an overview of how the new check in location feature works and what it could mean for users.

What is Check In Location?

This new feature allows you to share your current location with friends and family right from the lock screen, without having to open any apps. There is a new “Check In” button on the lock screen that pulls up a map view. You can then select who you want to share your location with, add a custom message, and broadcast your location.

This is different from Find My Friends and Find My iPhone which requires opening an app. The check in location is quick and easy without unlocking your phone.

How It Works

Once the Check In button is tapped, iOS 17 uses data from your location sensors, cell service, and GPS to pinpoint your geographic coordinates. It then overlays this on a map view within the lock screen itself.

You can then select which contacts or groups to share your location with. They will be able to see your pinned location in the Find My app along with your check in message.

The check in automatically expires after a set time period. You can choose 1, 2 or 4 hour expiration times.

What It Can and Can’t Do

The check in location has some useful capabilities but also some limits:


  • Share location quickly without unlocking phone
  • Send a custom message with check in
  • Choose who to share with from your contacts
  • Set expiration timer for sharing


  • Share continuous location
  • Integration with maps/directions like Find My Friends
  • Disable ongoing location sharing if phone is lost

So while handy for quickly broadcasting your location, it isn’t a full-featured location-sharing app.

If Check In isn’t enough for you…

Then, iSharing should be an app for you!

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iSharing offers additional features like departure and arrival notices, which would make it easy for friends to know when they’re on the move. The app also allows users to set more nuanced privacy settings in case they might want to be more selective with their location sharing.

Even more additional features, like 90-day location history, Driving Report, and Drive Alerts, are all included in this free location-sharing app.

iSharing does offer similar features to the location check in of iOS 17. Users can share their location through a web browser to anyone, regardless of whether they have an iSharing account.

This seems like a perfect tool for sharing your location with someone who refuses to download iSharing or to temporarily share your location while traveling!

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Closing Thoughts

The check in location feature makes sharing your whereabouts easy and intuitive. It expands upon Apple’s existing location sharing capabilities in a seamless way. However, for a more extended check in or other safety features, iSharing, a free GPS location sharing app can provide services.

Look for the check in location option after you update to iOS 17 later this year. It should make coordinating meetups and sharing your location quicker than ever.

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