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How to find an iPhone location

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Has your new iPhone gone lost? Has your friend’s iPhone been stolen? With so many of us depending on our smartphones, losing an iPhone can be a devastating event. Luckily, there are ways to find an iPhone location. Take a look at the list below and pick the right method for your needs.

Find my own iPhone location

If your lost iPhone is logged into your iCloud account and you have access to another iPhone, iPad, or Mac, using Find My is the best and most reliable way to find your iPhone.

Find My is an Apple app that allows you to check the location. of any device that is logged into your iCloud account. These devices include AirPods, iPad, MacBook, and more.

How to find your iPhone with Find My iPhone

  1. Visit and log into your iCloud account.
  2. Alternatively, open the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and make sure you’re logged into your iCloud account.
  3. Find the last detected location. of your lost iPhone.

Find an iPhone location of someone else’s device

Finding a lost iPhone that isn’t your own makes the process more complicated, as Find My works well only if you’re logged into one iCloud account. Because of this, you will have already had to be sharing your location ‘indefinitely’ with a friend or a family member before losing your phone.

How to find someone else’s iPhone with Find My

  1. Open the Find My app on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
  2. Select People.
  3. Select the person whose iPhone is lost.

Find an iPhone location of someone else’s device from an Android

You cannot use Find My if you’re trying to look for the device from an Android. This is because Find My is a native Apple app and is not compatible with Android devices. Because of this, while a third-party solution, we recommend that you use iSharing.

iSharing is a location-sharing app that is meant to be used to protect families and close friends. However, the app offers great support for users who are trying to find an iPhone location, in the case that it is lost. Because the app supports both iPhones and Android devices, you can check your lost phone’s location regardless of which device you’re checking from.

Track a cell phone location with StreetView

You can download the app, create an account, and add a friend to ensure that your location is shared between the two. In the case that your phone is lost, you can request that the friend checks on your lost device’s location.

Alternatively, you can simply have the app installed and then email their customer support team in case that your phone is lost. Their customer support team helps their customers in these cases by forwarding them the last detected location of the lost iPhone.

Ready to give iSharing a try? Download it today as a safety net before you lose your phone.

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