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5 Tips for Strengthening your Family’s Bond

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Trying to find quality time to help build your family’s bond isn’t easy. With many parents having to work in order to make ends meet, there’s little time in between to have some family fun to help solidify the bond between parents and children. The demanding life of parenthood on top of an ever-expanding need to make more money to survive, it’s no wonder finding ways to strengthen your family bond often go to the wayside.

The thing is that a family bond is extremely important for the growth of your children. It’s important that children grow up to feel that they were loved, nurtured, and cared for even if both of their parents had to work at jobs outside of the home. Bonding as a family helps strengthen trust, confidence, and happiness within the whole family unit. This is why we’re going to share our top 5 tips for strengthening your family’s bond today. We want to help you find simple ways to incorporate quality time with your children, even if you have to work 40+ hours a week.

5 Tips for Strengthening your Family’s Bond

Fix Something Together

It’s never too early to teach your kids how to fix something in the house. Whether it’s the kitchen sink, a garage door, or some other item in the home that could use some fixing invite the kids to help you fix it. Fixing something together not only helps strengthen your family bond but it teaches your kids how to do certain household things on their own. This task of fixing something together makes your kids feel like a valuable part of the family as well as more confident as they learn new skills.

Leave Little Notes

When both parents within the family unit work outside of the home, it may seem impossible to schedule quality family time together. If you truly have such a busy work schedule that you’re left with little to no time most weekdays for quality family bonding moments, then you could always leave little notes to your kids. Purchase a package of little sticky notes and leave funny, inspirational and kind notes all over the home for your kids to see throughout their day-to-day activities.

Read Together

Schedule a time at the end of the night where everyone reads a book together. This can be individual reading while you’re all in the same room together or reading aloud to each other. Figure out which option for reading together will work best for your family and then make it a plan that you devote one hour every night to reading together. While this is more of a quiet time among family members, the fact that you’re all enjoying the same activity together actually does help strengthen your family bond while enhancing your child’s vocabulary.

Plan Family Date

Make a plan to have a family date with everyone at least once a month. You can use a family bucket list to have ideas ready ahead of time or just come up with new ideas every month. The key is to have one family date scheduled per month where everyone drops what they’re doing and heads out for one day or one overnight excursion somewhere. This will give the kids a change in scenery, the adults some relaxation time, and strengthen your family bond. Family dates can be free or cost money, the option is completely up to you when it comes to planning your monthly family date.

Share Stories over a Meal

Make sure to schedule one meal per day as a family meal. This is usually the last meal of the day for some families, but if you work nights, you may want to make breakfast the family sit-down meal. During this time you won’t have any electronics at the table and you’ll have all distractions shut off, such as a television in the home. Sit down around the table to enjoy a meal together once per day and share stories with each other. These can be fun family memories, stories about each other’s day or simply random conversations between every family member.

These are just a handful of ways you can work to help with strengthening your family’s bond. It doesn’t take much to ensure you have a strong bond with your children. The basic gist of trying to strengthen your family’s bond is to make the time you do spend together quality time. This means being mindful that you’re present in the moment with your family every time you pause to enjoy these precious moments.

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