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Halloween Safety Tips for Family

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Halloween is a fun time of year. Many families enjoy dressing up in matching costumes and venturing into their community to knock on doors. The rule is to only knock on the door of those who leave their porch light on. The thing with venturing out on Halloween night with your family or friends means that there are extra precautions to take for maximum safety. That’s why we wanted to chat a bit about Halloween safety tips for family and location tracking for kids.

You see, kids will get older and want to go out trick or treating with their friends. Whether or not you allow kids to venture out to enjoy Halloween with their friends as they get older or not, is up to you. The sad reality of our world is that you have to be proactive against dangers in the world when it comes to letting your kids go out on Halloween night alone or with family.

Halloween Safety Tips for Family

Plan Costume

Make sure your kids’ costume is family-friendly and good for walking around. As you know, trick or treating will mean hours of walking house to house. This means kids should have a Halloween costume that allows them to walk comfortably, see in all directions and be visible at all times. Also make sure that they can follow COVID-19 guidelines, if they may walk indoors.

Glow Sticks

It’s good to track the kid’s location with glow sticks. They make so many different glow sticks that work for Halloween night with family. From bracelets to necklaces and glow stick flashing lights, you’ll be sure to see your kids from afar when you put some glow sticks on their Halloween costume.

Track Location

For the older kids who are venturing out on Halloween night with friends, make sure you have a family location tracker installed. This will help you message each other, see where your kids are at all times and simply give you peace of mind as a parent with older kids out on Halloween night.

Carry Reflective Bag

One way to make sure you know your kids’ location on Halloween night while out with family is to use a reflective trick-or-treat bag. There are many trick-or-treat bags that are now equipped with reflective material, or you can go with a white trick-or-treating bag.

Dress Warm

Halloween night can be pretty chilly in some areas, that’s why it’s important for the family to peek at the weather prior to heading out on Halloween night. Find out if any rain will be coming, so you can bring an umbrella and what the temperature will be so you can bring sweaters for warmth.

Keep Home Safe

Some families opt to leave one family member home on Halloween night to hand out candy. If you’ll keep the porch light on for trick-or-treaters this year, make sure to have a well-lit walkway and porch. Free any debris or décor items that kids may trip on coming up to your front door. This will keep kids and all family members safe who venture to knock on your door for a little Halloween treat.

Set Rules

Lastly, if you’re allowing your older kids to go out with their friends on Halloween night make sure you set the rules. Every older kid should know your expectations of rules, as well as to keep a location tracker on so that you know where they are at all times.

Going out on Halloween night with family and kids can be a fun experience. Even the older kids who get to go out trick or treating with their peers allow everyone to enjoy this holiday. The holiday where we all go door to door to ask “trick or treat” for some candy or a different surprise. These Halloween safety tips for the family will help you track your kids’ location, be safe and enjoy Halloween as a family this year.

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