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Halloween Celebration Tips During the Pandemic

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Halloween is just around the corner, but many parents are considering canceling their children’s plans for trick-or-treating due to the widespread pandemic we’ve been dealing with since 2020.

While you certainly have the right to do so, it’s important that your children understand exactly why they are being kept home. This will help them cope with any fears they may have developed due to the pandemic.

Until the pandemic finally subsides, it’s important for you and your loved ones to follow all safety precautions so that everyone can enjoy Halloween in peace.

If you’re going to go door-to-door trick or treating, or even head out for a walk on Halloween night, then please do follow our safety tips for Halloween this year. These tips are perfect for families with young children so that you can be well-prepared to enjoy Halloween during the continuation of covid this year.

No More than One Hour

Children should not be out trick or treating for more than an hour. They can return home to eat their candy, play with their costumes, and undergo a thorough hand washing before doing anything else.

Inspect All Candy

DO NOT let children eat any of the candy until you inspect it first. A lot of people are peddling toxic candy this year through the pandemic. If you do happen to find some good ones, make sure that everyone shares with each other.

Well-Fitted Costume

Parents should also make sure that the child has a well-fitting, reflective costume. Make sure that they carry a flashlight and also have a walking buddy. When you head out for trick or treating, be sure to carry identification and the phone number of your family’s pediatrician in case there is an emergency.

Allow Some Independence for Teens

If your children are old enough, they may want to dress up as doctors or nurses and go into the community themselves. This will give them a sense of independence so that they can feel a little more confident out there trick or treating as older kids.

If you do give it a go to allow older kids to go out alone, be sure to keep a close eye on them and make frequent contact with them by phone. It might also help if they stick to the business areas of the community where there are fewer people opening their doors for trick or treating.


Tips for Celebrating Halloween at Home

For those who aren’t quite ready to go out to your regularly scheduled trick or treating events, then consider the below ideas for celebrating Halloween at home during covid this year.

Why not try hosting a family costume party?

You can make delicious snacks or treats for everyone to enjoy together. You can also try to carve a pumpkin if you like, which is perfect for trick or treating in your community.

You could even watch Halloween-themed movies in the evening to give your family the chance to bond over something they love. And of course, there are always Halloween-themed board games.

As you can see, you have options when it comes to celebrating the season during this time of hardship. Just be sure that your children are safe and have a great time. We can ensure you that your children will have a fun time trick or treating if they stay inside their safety parameters and follow the tips above. Happy Halloween!

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