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Advanced Features (*PREMIUM SERVICE*)

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Those with our Premium Service will notice additional features included. This article will help lay out these new features for easier and better understanding. 

1. Place Alerts

Place Alerts allow you to receive automatic notifications when your friends arrive or leave registered places. Users have the option to freely add and remove places they wish to receive notifications from. To access Place Alerts, select the 3-lined menu tab at the upper left corner and press “Place Alerts”. A list of your added friends should appear with an amount indicated how many places you’ve registered for them so far. 

1 – To register a place:

  • Select the “+” icon next to the friend you wish to register a place for
  • iSharing has certain destinations set up, all you need to do is attach an address to it by clicking the “+” icon next to it
  • During this time, you’ll be able to search up an address and register it

2 – To edit a place:

  • Select the pencil on the same row as your place/address

3 – To delete a place:

  • Select the trash can on the same row as your place/address

2. See History

iSharing includes a feature that allows you to view the history for the past locations of you and your friends. Included in the history are features such as distance traveled, time stamp, method of transportation, etc. To view history:

  • On the main screen, select on either your icon or a friend’s
  • Select the “History” button highlighted in blue. This should take you to the history log where you’ll be able to view a friend’s history in full detail. 

3. Emergency Notifications

Emergency/Panic alerts can be set up to quickly alert your added friends of when you’re in danger. To use your emergency notifications, simply shake your device to set off a timer that will notify friends when it runs out.

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