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Tips to Keep Your Elderly Loved One Safe

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As our loved ones get older, there comes a time when we start to worry about their safety. If you’re looking for ways to keep your elderly loved one safe, then please continue reading to find out some easy tips to keep your elderly safety.

Each of these safety tips for the elderly will help you feel more relaxed, confident, and happy allowing your elderly loved one to have more of their own space. Things like location tracking for elderly and safety measures placed within your loved one’s home will only add to the benefit of keeping your loved one safe at all times.

Tips to Keep Your Elderly Loved One Safe

Safer Mobility

Placing a bench at the front door and having quick access to a walker will help your elderly loved one get around with ease both inside and outside their home. If your elderly loved one is still quite independent, these two adjustments in the house can help the check the mail on their own, open their door to greet company and get to the kitchen to cook basic meals.

Elderly Proof Bathroom for Safety

You’ve heard of baby proofing, right?! Well when it comes to the safety of elderly loved ones, you need to elderly proof the home, including the bathroom. Place a non-slip mat down on the bathtub floor, install grab bars on the inside and outside of your loved one’s shower, and place a stool nearby for ease of sitting when they can’t quite stand long enough for the full shower time.

Install Location Tracking

Most elderly loved ones will have an electronic device, even if they’re not quite sure how to use the thing. Take a moment to install location tracking for your elderly loved one so that you can track their whereabouts while still allowing them freedom. Location tracking apps allow your loved one to feel independent all the while maintaining the highest level of safety.

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Clear the Outdoors

Many elderly loved ones enjoy wandering around their yard. Taking in the fresh air, and beautiful views of their yard can help them feel happier. If you’re elderly loved one has a beautiful backyard to wander, make sure you clear the area of any dangers for tripping or falling and getting hurt. It’s also a great idea to add some benches along the path to help your elderly loved one take a seat.

Make it Easy to Call for Help

Another benefit of adding location tracking to your elderly loved one’s smartphone is that it provides them an easy way to call for help. With location tracking, you can click a button to message the family for help when needed when you set up the appropriate sharing settings. This allows your elderly loved one to have maximum safety while feeling independent.

Install Additional Lighting

Invest some money in solar lighting that can illuminate your elderly loved one’s pathways outdoors, and provide added lighting during dusk and dark hours. Inside the house, you can install additional lighting in the places your elderly loved one frequents during the darker hours for an added layer of safety. Keeping the home well-lit is an important step in ensuring long-term independent living.

At the end of the day, we know it’s hard watching your loved ones get older. It’s not easy to see your once highly independent family member become elderly. Even though this may be a sad situation, you can make it easier for both you and your elderly loved one by following the tips we shared today to keep your elderly loved one safe. Using location tracking, adding a few new things into their home, and making their world a bit more comfortable will help encourage maximum safety for your independent elderly loved one.

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