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How to track a Samsung phone for free

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Location tracking on a cell phone can be very useful in a variety of situations. Perhaps, you may be looking for your brand new Samsung galaxy that you lost. Or, you may be wanting to check on the location of a friend to ensure their safety. Regardless, there are several ways to track a Samsung phone for free. Take a look at our list and pick the method that works best for you!

1. Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile is a service provided by Samsung that helps you find your own lost device. Available to almost all Samsung Galaxy phones, Find My Mobile is the easiest way to track a Samsung phone for free.

You can easily check the location of your Samsung phone with Find My Mobile, as well as make it ring in maximum volume or lock the phone remotely. Additionally, Find My Mobile notifies you when the SIM card is switched on your phone and lets you check on family members’ devices if they are registered on your Samsung account.

While Find My Mobile is perfect for when you are looking for your own lost device, it is limited when you want to check on someone else. The app allows you to check on the locations of your family members’ phones, but this needs to be pre-approved by the family member and you can only check their current location.

Plus, the app would only work between Samsung Androids. If you want to check the location from an iPhone or a Google Pixel, it wouldn’t work with Find My Mobile, which requires Samsung accounts.

2. Find My Device

Find My Device is a built-in function for all Android phones that offers very similar features as Find My Mobile. Very similar to how Find My Mobile requires your Samsung account, you can log into your Google account and check on all Android devices that are logged in on. However, because Find My Device is available to all Android devices, checking between different makers (i.e. Samsung phone and Google Pixel) is perfectly functional.

Similar to Find My Mobile, Find My Device also offers max volume ringing and remote locking. They also provide the latest location of the device and the battery left on it at the moment.

Find My Device’s limitations are very similar to those of Find My Mobile in that while it works great in looking for your lost phone, it’s very difficult to track a Samsung phone when it’s not your own. In fact, it is more limited than Find My Mobile, since location sharing between families or friends is completely unavailable.

3. iSharing

iSharing is not affiliated with Samsung nor Google, but it is probably the best solution if you want to track a Samsung phone for free from someone else’s device. In fact, iSharing is a real-time location tracking app that is available for free on all Androids and iPhones.

iSharing allows family and friends to check on each other’s locations easily through the app. Additionally, they offer a variety of features such as 90-day location history or Place Alerts that notify you when the friend leaves or arrives at a designated location. iSharing also has safety features built into the app, like Driving Report or Panic Alert to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

While iSharing may not be the first app that would come to mind for when you have lost your phone, having this app installed on your phone can be a great method to protect your phone in case it is lost. You can easily track your Samsung phone through your friend that is added to your iSharing account and even take a look at the location history to see where your phone has been. As a bonus, their customer support team also offers support through e-mail in the case that your phone is lost and forward you the last detected coordinates of your phone, whenever you request them.

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