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GROUPS are here!

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To the families who asked if they could separate their immediate family and their extended family in the friends list,

To the parents who asked if they could just set up one home in Place Alerts for the whole family,

To the users who asked if there were family plans available for our Premium Service,

The wait is finally over… because our brand new feature “GROUPS” is here!

With groups, you can now do all of the following.

You can create or join multiple groups.

This means that you can have groups for your family, your friends, your teammates, and your book club.

You can share your Premium Service subscription.

If one of the group members is subscribed to Premium Service, all members will be able to enjoy the Premium Service features.

You can set up Place Alerts for the whole group.

You can set one place for the whole group and receive alerts when each group member leaves or arrives at the place

Ready to set up your own groups? Learn more on how to get started here.

Want to give iSharing and groups a try? Download today and get started for free!

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