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5 Best Location App for Android

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Location Apps can come in handy in a variety of situations. whether you’re looking for a lost phone or checking on the location of a friend, the app can be a very helpful solution for people in our crazy world. While there are a lot of location apps out there for Androids, here is our list of the 5 best location app for Android.

1. Google Maps

As one of the biggest map apps around the world, Google Maps has great functionalities that allow users to share their location with each other. And as the leading map app, Google Maps displays very accurate and often updated map information.

However, sharing your location with Google Maps can be limited in its features. You need to be logged into your Google account and initiate your location sharing with a friend. If you would like to view the location of a friend, they need to initiate their own location sharing.

Furthermore, location sharing can be interrupted, as Google Maps needs you to set a specific time period for how long your location will be shared.

2. Facebook Messenger

On the flip side of Google Maps is the largest social media app, Facebook. Facebook, through Facebook Messenger, also allows Facebook friends to share location with each other.

However, Facebook Messenger also runs into the same issues as Google Maps; one friend needs to initiate sharing their own location and there. isno way to request their location. Also like Google Maps, there’s an hour limit to sharing your location through Facebook Messenger.

3. iSharing

iSharing is a free location-sharing app that is available for all Apple and Android smartphones. iSharing allows 24/7 location tracking between two friends or between multiple family members.

iSharing makes it easy to share location betwen people by automatically sharing real-time location between people after they register and add someone as their friend of the app. Furthermore, they offer customizable privacy settings in case you need to hide your location but still access the friend’s location.

iSharing also offers many other features, such as instant in-app messages or alarms for when your friend arrives at home or leaves for work. iSharing even lets you view the location history for up to 90 days.

4. Glympse

Glympse is another popular location-sharing app, popular for letting users to share location without having to create an account. Similar to Google Maps or Facebook Messenger, you can select a designated time for how long you would like to share your location. Glympse will then create a link that you can share with your friends.

However, Glympse also interrupts location sharing when the designated time is over. Users will have to renew to continue sharing their location.

5. Snapchat

Ever seen people share screenshots of their Memoji’s standing close to someone elses? This is the location-sharing feature on Snapchat. If you elect to have your location visible on the map to your Snapchat friends, your friends will be able to see your real-time location on the world map.

However, Snapchat gives its users very limited control over how their location is shared. In fact, if you choose to share your location, it will be shared with all your Snapchat friends. Furthermore, users will not be able to request to see their friends’ locations.

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